Thursday, June 11, 2009

Livin' Loud

Nikki danced her little heart these last few days – what a great performance! The theme this year was “Livin’ Loud” and it was awesome. I can’t get over how grown up all the girls in Nikki’s class looked on stage this year. Most of them have danced together since around the age of 6, so it’s been neat to watch them all grow.

Of course Nikki’s two best friends were dancing as well (Sam and Brooke). Brooke is in a different class this year, but they were all three still pretty much glued together back stage between performances. Nikki performed three numbers this year and just loves dancing. She would do it 24/7 if it were possible.

A lot of people came to see her dance this year; both grandmothers’, friends, cousins, neighbors – I say it a lot but I truly mean it – we are blessed.

Like every single year, Nikki’s blood sugars were off the chart – HIGH HIGH HIGH – it happens when she gets extremely excited or nervous – the two combined make for unreal numbers. I think I even saw the meter smoking once :-D. She was right back to normal – 128 – this morning. That was the last event we had and now REST; oh and DISNEY WORLD!!!! We are taking the girls to Disney at the end of this month – can’t wait.

The big downer for me was that I lost all the pictures I took from last night – I have a ton from the first day and evening but the last performance I thought I had my memory card in and didn’t; when I got home – NOTHING. Thankfully, my best friend had taken a couple of pictures of Nikki and family so I have something. Don’t think I’ll ever make that mistake again.

I have so many pictures that I want to share that I just put them in this little video file - just click on it to see my little dancer :-D.

All for now…..

Recital Week 2009