Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Classes & Photo Stories

So, I'm taking summer classes this season because these particular classes are only offered in the summer. Anyway, one of them is a technology, presentations, etc. class and is conducted by a professor that I really like. She has us doing an assignment using a new (to me) program for telling photo stories. We all know that I looooovvvveee to put together photo stories; I think they are a very powerful way to get a message across. I am completely addicted to this program!

I did a short practice video so that I would be prepared when I needed to use it for class and guess where I'm going to upload it today?! Yep, right here. I used pictures of our family from the last 3+ weeks since we've had so much going on and included one of my current favorite songs "It's America". Hope you enjoy it and thanks for indulging my obsession :-D.



:) Tracie said...

great pictures, thanks for sharing. I love the cell phone one..."No Cell Phone For Gus"...that was funny!