Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Rambling

Happy Weekend! What beautiful weather we’ve been having! We are still in the middle of Nikki’s recital week – at this point she is preparing for her performance on Wednesday night. She’s had really great blood sugar numbers: of course, if I could figure out a way for her to live in a swimming pool she would have perfect numbers all the time; she is a fish and thankfully we have a pool – which is where you can find her when she’s not dancing. They girls have already had their first official summer sleepover - which happened THE DAY school got out.

I am taking summer classes this year in preparation for FINISHING school next May (YEEEE HAWWW). My concentration this summer (I’m a Child Studies Major with a Family Studies Minor) is Parenting Young Children with a Chronic Illness – wonder where I got that idea :-D. Seems like the classes are going to be demanding but very exciting and thankfully I won’t have the addition of teaching, and the girls’ many extracurricular activities on top of course work. The one weird thing is that I will finish up the early summer semester while we are in Disney World – thank goodness for technology huh?!

Monday will be a hard day for Amber because it will be the last day she gets to spend with Angie before the family has to return to South Africa; prayers for Amber and the Peens family would be greatly coveted. On a happy note, Amber’s LIFELONG BFF/Sister will be coming for a visit mid-June and that will be a great boost for her (and the rest of us Turner’s). Life is definitely a roller coaster – a crazy, wonderful, sad, hard, exciting roller coaster.

God is Good!


Wendy said...

Just stumbled upon your blog -- GOD IS GOOD!!!

Your family is beautiful...the vlog was cool :)

Prayers for good numbers during this crazy time!