Monday, June 1, 2009


Wow, I didn't realize it has been so long since I've had a chance to blog. We have hit one, if not THE, busiest times of year for us and there just aren't enough hours in the day. Let's see, both Nikki and Amber have had their final chorus performances for the year; and for their schools - they are both moving on to middle and high school next year.

Amber has had us especially busy lately: her chorus group performed at King's Island Music in the Parks the weekend before last and placed FIRST with a rating of EXCELLENT! Way to go TMS! This past weekend Amber performed in the musical Beauty and the Beast - the cast and crew knocked it out of the park! What an awesome show - and they performed a total of 5 shows for their weekend run.
Yesterday was a very emotional day - it was the Farewell Party for Amber's best friend, Angie and her family; I just can't get my mind around the fact that they will be gone from our lives in less than a week - They will certainly takes pieces of our hearts with them.

Now hang on, that's not all: this past Friday afternoon was Nikki's 5th grade 'graduation' picnic: we had a blast. THEN tonight was Nikki's 5th grade graduation ceremony - just when I thought I was all cried out. Tomorrow in the afternoon is Amber's 8th grade graduation ceremony - followed on Wednesday by another party for Angie and Amber here at our house - a swimming party. At some point I may begin breathing (and stop crying). Next week begins recital week for Nikki.

Some totally cool news is that Bryan and I are taking our girls to Disney World for 8 days at the end of this month - can't wait to regroup and relax (oh, and hang out with Mickey of course).

Blood sugars through all of this have been AWESOME!! We are still actively raising money for the JDRF walk this summer and we also want to say thanks for the generous donations we have received already! If you want to contribute to our walk team, just click on the icon at the top left side of our blog page :-D! I'm also looking forward to catching up with my fellow bloggers by the end of the weekend - I've missed checking in with you - can't wait to see what you are up to!
God is Good