Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family, Friends and a Trip to the Mall

We just got home from a wonderful day spent with some of my high school friends and my awesome family. It was truly a great day. Nikki managed to con her grandfather (my Dad) into taking her to the mall - now that's definitely only something a "Poppa's Gerber Baby" could do - but she will remember it forever.

Amber and my nephew Michael went along for the outing. Did I forget to mention that Nikki did not have any money on her and I was at my grandmother's with my mom. Of course, Poppa came through with some $$'s but evidentally the thing Nikki was after in the mall was still a little out of her price range - so (PROUD MOMMY MOMENT HERE) Amber gave Nikki the money Poppa had given her to spend. Now is that sweet or what? I am just so proud of Amber.
Nikki leaves a week from today for diabetes camp, for (gasp) 7 DAYS - no matter how many years she attends camp I don't think I'll ever get used to her being gone for that long. Once she returns from camp she'll have 3 days and then school starts.

I'm planning on really focusing on the walk in early September - I have to figure out how close we are to our goal. Looking forward to participating as a team again this year; one day I just know I will say "Nikki USED to have diabetes".