Saturday, January 30, 2010

We Know HE Has Been Here

I was thinking about blessings today and how about how many of them GOD has placed upon our lives. Like I said in my last blog, our close friends just found out that their 10 year old daughter has T1 – and Dad/Dr. Troy diagnosed his own child. Troy is also the one that diagnosed our Nikki almost 7 years ago. Nikki went to visit Alexis (her friend and newly diagnosed T1) today and took her Rufus, The Diabetes Bear and some other things. It made Nikki feel good to reach out to someone the way people reached out to her when she was diagnosed.

Which brings me back to blessings; rather, blessings in disguise. Nikki is getting ready to celebrate her 12th birthday (yikes). We are planning a medium sized party, with plenty of giggling girls and rowdy boys. 4 of the girls, some of which are her inner circle of friends, have T1. I wonder what the odds are of that. Aside from her friends, Nikki has 2 cousins with T1 and 2 dance teacher/friends with T1. I look at how GOD brought all these people into our lives and it humbles me beyond words.

We live in a teeny tiny town. The only way we get the intimate diabetes support in our daily lives is through the hand of GOD. Nikki and I were talking tonight and we both agreed that there is no doubt that GOD is taking every step of her life with her. It reminds me of what Joyce Meyer (Christian Speaker) says “You may not see HIM coming, but you sure know when HE has been there”.

GOD is Good ,All the Time!


Melis said...

You are so right!!! He is Good ALL the Time! Sometimes that is so easy to forget! Yesterday I was thinking about what a strong, amazing girl Nikki is and what a blessing she is to other T1s. I was struggling to understand why Nik was so young when her diabetes showed up, but then I realized that while a few more innocent years would have been wonderful that God was clearly preparing her for Great things! Yes, you are blessed to know others, but they are very blessed to know you guys also! You are all an inspiration! Love you guys bunches!!!

phonelady said...

yes sheri god is good all the time amen and you sure do know when he has been here .