Sunday, February 14, 2010

Then There Were FOUR

Many of you know that we lost our beloved dog Buddy about 4 months ago. His death was VERY unexpected and hit us hard. Its been hardest on Amber. We adopted Hope, our Jack Russell mix, 3 months ago and she is such a little joy – and boy does she give our Border Collie, Angel, a run for her money.

If you’re counting, that means that we still have 3 dogs. About a week ago, a friend of mine (who works for SAAP) wanted me to stop by her house and see some new puppies she was fostering; and meet her new Lab, Andy. SAAP rescued approximately 48 dogs from a high kill shelter in Kentucky and she was fostering 2 of the puppies. The first one came out and she was just adorable – a little white and tan Lab/Beagle mix. THEN the second one came out – and I about died. This little guy was/is the spit-n-image of our Buddy; down to the unique markings on his back and chest.

SOOOOOO… probably already figured it out….we now have FOUR dogs. We named Buddy’s clone Chance and he acts as if he’s always been here. All 4 dogs get along wonderfully. To make this story perfect, Chance’s sister has found her forever home as well.

Check out these pictures of our furry family members – past and present.

GOD is Good, All The Time!



phonelady said...

boy sheri you got that right .

:) Tracie said...

Great photos! There's an amazing resemblance to Buddy in Chance!

I'm sure all these dogs help the girls (and you) get through this hard time. What a loving house to all those pets.

Thanks for sharing!