Saturday, March 20, 2010

Michael Hunter

We spent today visiting family about an hour and a half from our home. Nikki had a low while we were there, 56, and got quite dizzy, faint and unfocused. After the incident was over, I was silently brooding over how much I hate type 1. Shortly after this we arrived at my parents’ home; my niece Brittany, who also has T1, her son and my youngest nephew Michael were there as well. Michael, who is 9 years old, immediately, began talking to Amber & Nikki in the kitchen – I figured he was trying to convince them of something, and with Michael you’re never sure what that may be :-D. I moved closer to investigate. He turned to me and asked “Chi Chi would you like to give a dollar to help me cure diabetes?”

Well, needless to say I was touched and listened as he told me all about the fundraiser he’s doing at his school. I called him on my way home to ask him why he decided to do this fundraiser; he doesn’t usually participate in school fundraising projects as a rule. He told me simply “I wanted to help Nikki and Brittany”. I also asked him if someone else convinced him to raise money or is this something he wanted to do on his own. He told me that no one made him; he just wanted to help his sister and his cousin. (In case I've lost you: my daughter Nikki is his cousin, and my niece Brittany is his big sister. Brittany and Michael are pictured above holding his fundraising envelope.)

Of course I knew no one made him, I just wanted him to put his reasons for raising money into his own words. I couldn’t be prouder. Michael doesn’t even know that his efforts tonight, and his simple question “would you like to help me cure diabetes”, made a huge difference in how down I was feeling about T1 at that moment. Hope comes in all shapes, sizes and moments. Tonight it came in the form of Michael Hunter.


Anonymous said...

Sheri, this is so sweet. I will show Michael & Brittany tomorrow. I felt for you and Nikki the other night. It makes you feel so helpless, and scared when it's a child, your child & all you can do is watch and hope it levels out. I love you, Momma

:) Tracie said...

What a great nephew you have there! Kids are surprising aren't they?!!

Donna said...

What a wonderfully uplifting story!

Hua said...

I'm excited to hear that Michael is doing a Diabetes fundraiser for his school! I hope it goes well.

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