Monday, January 23, 2012

Celiac Disease

Sooooo....I mentioned in my last post that Nikki had a newly diagnosed condition related to T1. A couple of months ago she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She was seriously malnourished and felt like she was exhausted all the time. For those of you who may not know, Celiac is an allergy to wheat, oat, rye and barley. So now, she is faced with the fact that food is, once again, her enemy (so-to-speak).

Believe it or not, Nikki didn't bat an eye. When I asked her how she felt about this new diagnosis she said she was a little relieved to have an answer as to why she felt so bad all time and why her blood sugar levels were all over the place. She also said to me "mom, what good will it do me to get upset and feel sorry for myself? It won't make this go away any more than it will diabetes". Have I mentioned that I am my daughter's biggest fan? Since our household has gone gluten free, Nikki's energy levels have quadroupled. She no longer suffers from severe and constant, intense stomach pain, her skin color has returned to normal and her blood sugars have evened out.

Nikki is my 'artsy' daughter. She has a love of ballet, music, sketching and....COOKING. Now if that isn't a GOD thing I don't know what is. She has found that being gluten free has meant a whole new world of wonderful recipes and great tasting food and has actually enjoyed learning to cook all over again. But then, that's my Nikki Mouse for you. I must also add that big sister Amber has been her constant champion and won't eat anything that Nikki can't eat, because she doesn't want to make her little sister feel bad. Additionally, my nephew (we think of him as our son) was home for a visit over the holidays. He was at Meijer (great place for gluten free food) picking up some food for me and went out of his way to find the store manager and thank him for selling gluten free food "for my little sister".

GOD is good .... All the time.

All for now,