Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday Week

Nikki's 14th birthday isn't actually until next Thursday but we started celebrating this weekend. The main reason is because next weekend she'll be attending her 8th grade formal. Where does the time go?

Nikki, like thousands of other teenage girls, loves Hello Kitty. It's so hard to find a bakery that makes tasty, cute, GLUTEN FREE birthday cakes. Years ago, one of my hobbies was character cakes; so we decided this year was the perfect year for me to start baking again. I made Nikki a Hello Kitty GLUTEN FREE birthday cake. It was delicious and, most importantly, Nikki loved it.

She is celebrating her birthday today with her 2 life-long best friends, Samantha & Brooke; along with her big sister Amber, bro Cody and her cousin Shyan. They are off to the movies (in her brand new Hunger Games t-shirt, with a blood sugar of 133) giggling and enjoying being young. Once again T1 and celiac were not able to dampen the day.

GOD is good