Monday, February 13, 2012

No Time for a Sick Day

Nikki's birthday week started out so great but has taken a 'not so great' turn. She started feeling bad during our family celebration on Sunday and by the evening she was down for the count. Congestion, sore throat and --- of course --- HIGH blood sugars. It's about 5:25 a.m., I just rechecked her and she's still hovering around 452 UGGGGHHHHHHH. In Nikki's words, "Mom, I can't be sick, I have too much to do this week".

I'm staying at home with her today and Bryan will be home with her tomorrow. Thank goodness he's not traveling too far away this week and was able to change his plans and return home late tonight. Between today and tomorrow she'll visit the doctor where, I'm more than sure, I'll get a report of "sinus infection" and we'll start another round of antibiotics. But, like every other thing in her life, the virus has thrown her blood sugar levels into a tail spin.

Nikki is very 'bummed' about being sick. This week has many important events scheduled: Valentine's Day, her birthday, freshman orientation at her high school and most importantly 8TH GRADE FORMAL. So here's hoping and praying that the antibiotics will work their magic and we get the virus & her blood sugar back under control before Thursday. I must admit to feeling frustrated myself. Something that is most likely a minor virus shouldn't turn into a big deal for her (high blood sugars, ketones) and yet it does and in most cases always will -- it's part of living with T1.

All for now.....