Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pink Zebra Skin

We've been through a number of pumps over the last couple of years but have found that, for Nikki, the Medtronic Mini-Med works best. Her latest Mini-Med is purple, but she still mentioned wishing it was a little 'brighter'. For Nikki that means: loud, girly, neon and PINK. Recently I was looking for skins for our cell phones and decided to see if anyone had skins for insulin pumps. Whaddaya Know!! One of my favorite places to shop for skins >>> <<< had a fairly good variety of skins that would fit Nikki's pump. She LOVES it! It's a neon pink, zebra striped skin and fits her personality 100%.

Side note, that is Nik's hand you see in the picture and YES that is Hello Kitty painted on her thumb nail. She's such a girly girl...but then, so is her mom.