Saturday, April 28, 2012

That's All There Is

It’s been a very eventful week around the Turner home; but I suppose it usually is. My oldest daughter attended her junior prom tonight (something I still can’t get my head around) and she looked, as my kindergarten students would say “like a real alive princess”. I was very proud of me for not being overly ‘mushy’. I almost made it through our entire ‘prom preparation’ without tearing up….almost. I was good until picture time. Amber attended prom with a group of friends she’s hung out with since her early elementary years. One of them has been one of her best friends since about 3rd grade. As her mom and I were taking pictures, it hit me just how close Amber is to being a college bound young lady…..okay, not going there again this evening. Suffice it to say, my Amber was beautiful – and my favorite part of her outfit had to be the hidden cowboy boots – 100% Amber Lee.

 This past Thursday, Nikki was able to come to work with me for an hour or so for Take Your Child to Work Day. One of my sweet kiddos – let’s call her Hermione – had been out sick most of the week. The day before, she had been tested for diabetes. Thank GOD the test was negative. However, the word ‘diabetes’ evidently did not throw Hermione for a loop. According to her mom, she simply replied “oh, I know all about the diabetes, Nikki has that”. When Nikki arrived in my classroom, Hermione was bursting at the seams for some alone time with Nik -- to tell her all about her doctor visit. Nikki was just as anxious to love on Hermione, simply because she was so thankful that this sweet little girl was not going to have to face a life sentence of type 1. By-the-way, it’s worth noting that Hermione is the same age Nikki was when she was diagnosed; I’m sure Nikki was very aware of that fact as well. Anyway, it probably goes without saying that when I looked across the room and happened to catch Hermione wrapping her little arms around my Nikki Mouse’s neck…..I got a tiny bit teary, but just a little.

 Moving on to yet another event worth noting this week – around 3:00 a. m. this morning (or is that now yesterday morning???) I was awakened by the sounds of something falling. Nikki had sudden and intense stomach pains and when she said up in her loft bed she kicked stuff over the edge; which, in turn, knocked all her make-up off her dressing table; which, in turn, gave her mother a giant heart attack. I believe she came in contact with gluten – and was suffering some cross contamination pain. In my sleep deprived mind this morning, I had convinced myself that I somehow caused the cross-contamination THIS MORNING while fixing breakfast, without thinking about the fact that her stomach had actually started hurting in the middle of the night. Not that it makes any difference. I have to say that I am just damned tired of my girl having to worry about any of this. LET’S FIND A CURE FOR ALL OF IT ALREADY!

 Okay, enough of that. I am choosing to focus on the sweet moment s from this week, and that’s all. To loosely quote the final few lines from one of my favorite children’s books …..Both of my girls, once again, made me proud to be their mamma -- and that’s all there is, there isn’t any more.