Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gluten Free Baker

Seems that there are many, many things going on in the Turner household over the next couple of weeks, so I'm predicting lots of new blog entries in a short period of time. I hope you'll indulge me as I brag and share our milestones.

As you may remember, we recently struggled with a rather touchy situation at Nikki's school. Since I felt, and continue to stand by the resulting educational insights that the (initially) negative situation provided; I feel just as strong about giving equal insights to a wonderfully positive event that took place today. Nikki's core group of teachers have been amazing, wonderful educators and self-esteem boosters. I will always be thankful for their influence in her life. Today was a great example of their kind hearts. Her 8th grade team was celebrating (this afternoon) an event from last week, with pizza. In an effort to figure out how to make sure Nikki was able to participate in the festivities, we were notified of this in advance; thus, allowing me to make plans with my own school to get time off and get some gluten free food Nikki's way in time for the 'party'.

Nikki's love of baking and total obsession with baking for any and every event that comes down the pike lately (guess what she wants to major in once she hits college) caused her to want to bake for her class. She got with her homeroom teacher to find out if she could bake a dessert for her team and get a head count etc. So she spent last night baking up a storm, with the final product pictured above.  DELICIOUS - and I mean rather deliciously addicting -- mini cupcakes, with baby mushroom houses (Smurf houses?) she created from a gummy candy. ALL GLUTEN FREE, & 100% baked and decorated by Nikki Mouse! Thank you Duncan Hines for producing some tasty and easy to work with gluten free mixes.

When Nikki came home from school today she was on cloud nine. It seems that this group of teachers had taken it upon themselves to try and find a gluten free pizza that could be delivered with the regular pizzas. Alas, we live a little out in the country and LaRosa's gluten free pizza hasn't hit our franchise stores YET -- but the fact that they were thinking of her meant more to her than if they had given her a million bucks. To top it off, her teachers and friends loved the cupcakes; and finally, her homeroom teacher wrote a letter to each of his students telling each one of them how important they have been to him. Nikki is still walking around with a silly, happy smile plastered on her beautiful face.

I suppose I can't really add much more to this entry; except maybe GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.


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