Monday, May 28, 2012

Meet Coco, the Monkey with Diabetes

Exciting news for ‘us’ Disney lovers and PWD’s (people with diabetes) and/or their families; Disney announces Coco the Monkey – the first Disney character with diabetes. The idea for Coco is the result of collaboration between the folks at Disney and the mother of singer Nick Jonas. Following is a synopsis of the upcoming book Coco and Goofy’s Goofy Day as described on the Diabetes Daily website:

Coco shows Goofy that she can go to the party, play games, win contests, and eat cake and ice cream.  This is an important message that we’ve seen delivered in other stories. Lilly Diabetes and Disney take the story a progressive step further. Coco and other guests partake in but don’t overdo it when it comes to treats. Goofy however, because it’s his birthday, chooses to eat anything and everything he can. As a result of these choices, Coco and others are still going strong and playing and having fun at the end of the party. Goofy, on the other hand, doesn’t feel well and his friends have to take him home in the wagon he brought for Coco because he was worried she would need it because of her diabetes. The lesson: moderation is important for all people, not just those with diabetes.

We are very excited about this new character and believe it will make a huge difference in the lives of many young PWD’s – okay and their grown up counterparts and families. As we say in our house, you are never too old for Disney.