Sunday, November 11, 2012

Circle of Friends

As we count down to World Diabetes Day on November 14, I've been impressed with the support my daughter has received from her teenage friends. It’s easy to stereotype all teenagers into one mass group, labeled Self-Absorbed and Irresponsible. However, I don’t believe that’s where most teens fit. We've been blessed to have some amazing young people in our lives. Nikki’s 2 lifelong best friends, Samantha and Brooke, have grown into exceptional teenagers and lovely young ladies. Likewise, Nikki’s closest friends at school are a wonderful group of teens. Amber has also had amazing friends, who are now lovely young adults. If it had been up to Bryan or me to pick my daughters’ friends, we would not change one thing about any of them – and that is no minor blessing.

The world is always so busy publicizing bullying (which is a real problem), teenage drinking, pregnancy, etc. etc., that we forget all the millions of teens who quietly, positively and successfully go about their lives -- making more of a difference in our world than those struggling with bad choices and negative behavior. I suppose what I’m getting at is this: we shouldn't underestimate the emotional life-support that many of our kids receive from their circle of friends. Young people can offer each other support and build confidence in areas of emotional development we didn't even know our children were struggling with. People, regardless of age, will usually step up to help out those they care about, IF they are given the chance. The magnitude and importance of this support should not be disregarded because they are young.

The picture I've added to this blog is of Nikki and her closest school friends. It was taken at school, between classes. Each girl is wearing a pin that says “Someone I Love Very Much Needs a Cure” and a blue JDRF Cure Diabetes bracelet. They were all very excited about having the opportunity to show their support for a friend they love; and they will also be GOING BLUE on the 14th. My daughters’ generation will be the next leaders, inventors, and scientists of our world. Nikki, Amber and their friends certainly make the future seem more than a little brighter.  Let’s all GO BLUE on Wednesday, November 14!!

All for now,