Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Year of Living Gluten Free

Feeling Great, Looking Beautiful!
It's been a little over a year (13 months to be exact) since Nikki faced the additional diagnosis of Celiac Disease. Man, what a difference this year has made. Accepting that she now has another life-long situation to deal with, learning all she (we) can about Celiac and then being totally Gluten Free for a year has completely changed the way Nikki feels on a daily basis. In fact, I find it rather hard to keep up with her. Her blood sugar levels are consistently in the 100's - whooo hooo!

Her entrance into high school has been a complete success and Nikki is thriving both socially, emotionally and physically. Her energy level is, in my opinion, off the charts and it's a pleasure to watch. In addition to her normal activities centered around dance classes (ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop), she has picked up Scottish Highland Dance - which she is totally in love with. She is also a student dance teacher this year and loves working with the young dancers (do I see a future in some of kind teacher role for her?). Finally, Nikki is taking French and is involved in the Art Club at school. Oh, and she's still on the honor roll.

I believe, as I always have, that Nikki is a true hero. She is a living testament to what you can achieve when you make a conscious choice NOT to be defined by circumstances out of your control; but by how you chose to deal with those circumstances.

With Her 2 Lifelong BFF's Sam and Brooke